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Our one and only dog for some time is now a full fledged adult cat chaser.   She will hunt down, and track any cat that is not part of our friends, and family network .  She keeps the cats out of the barn and property.    Also, she is a good mother for Buster.


Going by a local flee market one day someone had several Cats they where giving away.   This is when we picked up boots.   A cat that reminds Katrina of her child hook cat.

Buster Brown

Our newest dog member of our family, was just dropped off up the road from us along with his bigger brother.    We took the other dog to the shelter, to find a good home, but we kept Buster to give him a good home with us.    Buster and Tinkerbell are now best of buds.   Tinkerbell is enjoying training Buster in all of her bad behaviors.   Buster being very young is now the chewing dog.   Chewing up everything in site.   Known for hauling burned trash out of the already burned trash pile.


Squeaker enjoys eating all day long.   Grass is the best!